Safe Hotel

Safe Hotel

To protect our guests:

In the Hotel

  • we implement all the guidelines of the Ministry:
  • dispensers with disinfectant fluid are placed at entrances, elevators, toilets;
  • we regularly disinfect handrails, door handles, elevator buttons, etc.;
  • The reception desk and tables are disinfected after each guest;
  • Employees have their temperature measured after coming to work every day;
  • only one room guests use the elevator at a time;

In the Restaurant:

  • obligatory hand disinfection by guests at the entrance to the premises;
  • staff equipped with protective masks / helmets and disposable gloves;
  • A buffet breakfast is served by the waiter according to guest wishes;
  • hand disinfectant dispensers for guests in the hall area and at the exit from toilets;
  • each time we disinfect tables after serving guests, we gave up treads on the tables;
  • we systematically hold and ozone the restaurant room;
  • guests use disposable additions such as sugar, pepper and salt. There are no vases, candlesticks on the table, nothing that is not necessary;
  • we gave up the elegant, leather menu difficult to disinfect in favor of laminated, sanitized after each guest.